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What Size Door Do I Need?

Measure the existing opening for your garage door, and that is the size you will need.

Can I order parts for my door? What about replacement sections?

Parts are available for newer doors. Manufacturers might not have available all parts for older doors, but in some cases newer parts are compatible with the older doors. The same rule applies to replacement sections; we can order replacement sections for newer doors and have them delivered in two weeks. Keep in mind, though, that colours might not match up between the older and newer sections.

Does My Door Require Maintenance?

Applying a lubricant to the springs and rollers improve the longevity of the door. Proper spring tension is also critical.

We recommend a yearly Preventative Maintenance schedule for your gate and access systems by one of our highly trained technicians, usually done in the fall. Reliable Door, Fence and Gate Systems personnel will lubricate the movable parts of the system, check the limits and connections and other steps to insure a safely and properly operating system

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